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Watch NFL today games & Get 2022 NFL Schedule & NFL Network Schedule
Watch NFL today games

Watch NFL today games

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  • ESPN

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NFL schedule & recaps

In this part of this article, we will give you a list of the NFL's next game plays including ( Jan until Dec games ).

  • Thursday, Sept. 8 at night, 8:20 pm. ET

Bills vs. Rams  

  • Sunday, Sept. 11 Gameplays

  1. Saints vs. Falcons on Fox.
  2. Browns vs. Panthers on CBS.
  3. 49ers vs. Bears on '...'
  4. Steelers vs. Bengals CBS.
  5. Eagles vs. Lions on '...'
  6. Colts vs. Texans on CBS.

The Buffalo won 35-32 in the last played game.

the Falcons lost 30-20 in the last final NFL game.

NFL playoffs

According to the official bleacher report website, some NFL teams looking to end the nightcap drought in 2022, They mentioned that Rex Ryan was the hottest name in the NFL during the Jets' most recent postseason run. With Mark Sanchez, the No. 5 overall pick in 2009, only beginning his career, he had compiled a 20-12 record and made two nightcap appearances.

With three first-round picks in 2022 and a second-year quarterback, Zach Wilson means they still have a young roster that is dependent on players on rookie contracts. In his second season, head coach Robert Saleh must demonstrate improvement.

The A F C and A F C East have a particularly high bar. A significant hurdle is the division's inclusion of the Super Bowl favorite Buffalo, and the England Patriots are no pushover as long as Bill Belichick is on the sidelines.

But Remember that The Miami Dolphins currently have more playmakers on both sides of the ball than the Jets, who aren't even the best young squad in the AFC East.

They announced that The Jets' arrow appeared to be moving in the right direction, but the Ryan and Sanchez era quickly came to an end. Since then, they have only had 1 winning season.

The "winning" stage of the Jets' rebuilding process is still not ready. As they mature, it makes sense that they will eventually turn into a frustratingly feisty team to play on.

If Wilson ways improve to at least a league-average quarterback by 2023, they will have higher expectations and may make the nightcaps.

In season, could Detroit go from having the No. 2 overall pick to making the nightcaps?

Dan Campbell, the head coach of the Detroit, and the group of young talent they gathered this offseason will be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks later this summer. However, Detroit is far from prepared to contend for a nightcap spot with the rest of the N F C.

The NFC may lack elite Super Bowl contenders, but it is stacked with good squads that can win nine or ten games. Minnesota, and Commanders could all improve in 2022, but no part of the N F C nightcap squads from the previous season are noticeably worse.

Jameis Winston, the quarterback for Louisiana, is expected to play the entire season. After narrowly missing the playoffs the previous time, Minnesota has a coaching staff and rehired the majority of its talent. With Carson Wentz, Washington's quarterback situation has improved.

Aidan Hutchinson, Jameson Williams, and D.J. Chark are three flashy playmakers in Detroit. The administration seems to know when to take chances and spot good deals.

However, Jared Goff's limitations as a quarterback and the inexperience of their young secondary could prevent Detroit from challenging for a playoff spot. They should have a winning record in 2022, but 2022 is more about assessing their core group of players than it is about competing for a postseason spot.

For the Miami Dolphins, the offseason has certainly been one of the extremes.

The Dolphins swung as hard as they could to improve their roster, firing head coach Brian Flores and putting a plan in place to sign both Sean Payton and Tom Brady. They also traded for Tyreek Hill and signed Terron Armstead. Even though their wildest dreams didn't come true, they are in this moment in a position to make the playoffs in 2022.