Lakers next game, get the latest Los Angeles lakers next game also postponed NBA games with us so easily.

Los Angeles lakers' next game

To get the next games of the Lakers NBA club you must keep reading this article because we will provide you with the next Los Angeles Lakers game, many people are asking about Laker's next game so as you can see in this season's schedule table right below:

Lakers next game

On Saturday, July 2 there is a night between the Lakers v Heat probably the lakers' next game going to be a lit game because we can't forget the two teams' fire game on Mon, Jan 24 when the heat destroyed the lakers 113 - 107 then clippers fans were really happy after the loss.

On Sunday, July 3 there is also a really great game between two strong teams Lakers v Warriors their last match was a final but the laker's made it with 116-124.

But according to NBC Sports, Draymond Green mentioned that it will be hard for the lakers to beat the Warriors also Green shared some thoughts on Irving’s skills and how he will fit superstar James.

Draymond finds that Lebron may have a chance with Kyrie because of how He can score the basketball, Green also said that Kyrie has not proven to be a big leader, and Lebron's star will only put him in a position.

On Tuesday, July 5, There is a fire match between the Kings vs Lakers on NBA TV at 5:30 PM their last match was a final when the Kings beat the Los Angeles team 116-125.

But you have according to that the kings will play the Los Angeles team twice in 2022 and also in 2023.

On Friday, July 8, There is an NBA basketball match between the Los Angeles hero team vs Suns on ESPN2, It will be a nice night for Suns fans because it's not a postponed match, the two golden teams' last game was very sad for Lakers because Suns made it 140-111 scores.

On Sunday, July 10, There is an upcoming hot game between the Hornets v Los Angeles Lakers on NBA TV, The last match between those two teams was very hot when The hornets made it 117-114

On Tuesday, July 12, There is a really big game between the Lakers v Clippers, but it was a really happy night for the clippers in the last final after they won 132-111 that match was unforgettable for Los Angeles NBA team. 

But according to sporting news, superstar John Wall will sign with the Clippers Chris Haynes mentioned on 29 Jun that Wall will receive a buyout and be allowed to sign with any team he chooses, probably Clippers fans are happy about this news.

Los Angeles lakers' next game

Put in mind that the next games are confirmed for now, which means there is no ( postponed ) in the next Los Angeles Lakers games, all the next Los Angeles Lakers NBA games season may start on July 2, 2022, and there is no postponed alert.

As always the well-known TV channels that will host them are ( ESPN TV- ABC - TNT...etc ).

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